We believe in jewelry as an expression of self: that it can mean whatever you want; that you can wear it when you want, buy it when you want, gift it, celebrate with it, reward yourself with it and keep it forever.

“I established Pillu Jewellery because I recognized an industry primarily focused on men gifting women, rather than women celebrating themselves. To me, the core essence of Pillu Jewellery is the concept of collective elevation: all of us uplifting one another, and you, our community, being empowered to invest in yourself and, consequently, uplift the entire community.” 

–Puran Suthar, Owner

Inspired By You

Since our inaugural Monday Drop in 2023, you’ve welcomed the world of fine jewelry into your life. It’s your unique essence—the style you carry daily, the choices you make to adorn yourself with that captivating diamond—that has been our unwavering inspiration from the very start. Your journey aligns perfectly with our mission. As the years have swiftly passed, spanning over a decade, we’ve evolved. While the quaint cottage where it all began is now a cherished memory, our workshop doors remain wide open every day.


Stepping into our workshop, you’ll find us meticulously crafting jewelry, embracing a slow and deliberate approach. We passionately bring our natural products to life, infused with a blend of essential oils meticulously curated to facilitate a mindful reconnection of your mind, body, and spirit.


Come, join us on this remarkable journey. Your love for fine jewelry is at the heart of Pillu, inspiring us to continue creating pieces that resonate with your distinct style, embodying our dedication to craftsmanship, elegance, and the beauty of self-expression.

Behind The Brand

In the heart of India, Pillu Jewellery came to life from a unique blend of passion, innovation, and a profound understanding of the evolving world of fashion and jewelry. Our journey began with the dream to create exquisite, affordable, and versatile jewelry that resonates with the modern woman.


Puran Suthar, the heart and soul of Pillu Jewellery, is a dedicated housewife with an eye for beauty and elegance. Her passion for jewelry, coupled with her determination to redefine the traditional jewelry market, inspired the inception of Pillu Jewellery.


The brainchild behind Pillu Jewellery is Mikesh Bhai, a visionary and India’s finest digital marketer. Mikesh’s expertise in the digital realm brought Pillu Jewellery into the online world, providing a platform to reach and connect with jewelry enthusiasts across the globe.


Guiding the team and managing the intricacies of product selection and development is Jeet Jangid. As the team and product manager, Jeet ensures that each piece of jewelry curated is a masterpiece, reflecting the values and essence of Pillu Jewellery.


Together, this dynamic trio has set out on a mission to offer the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional jewelry, crafting pieces that not only adorn but also empower women to embrace their unique style with confidence.


Join us on this journey, as we continue to create, innovate, and bring to you the beauty and charm of Pillu Jewellery.